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Talent 1 Film Direction Course

Talent 1 Film Direction Course

A director is a captain of a movie,he has to convert his text story & script into an interesting movie.
He should have an understanding of a good script, acting,
camera work, editing, sound recording and other procedures of film making.
A good Director can work its excellence on the normal script, and
and make it extraordinary with his brilliant direction.

A well designed course that gives students The fair knowledge required
for becoming a good Director. Students start with the basic concepts and step ups
to professional-level crafting. The course also covers in-depth of training on
Ad Film Making in addition to Television and Film. ..

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Excellence Approach towards Creative & performing arts !

To establish the highest standard of Creative & performing arts coaching. To become a diversified institute of Creative & performing arts .

Talent 1 Film Direction Course Curriculum:

  • Convert story idea into technical finish
  • analysising of films of the greatest Directors
  • Vocabulary used in bollywood Film Industry
  • Tools of screenwriting - Character, conflict structure
  • Film appreciation and analysis
  • Safety Procedures While Shooting
  • Turn your Imagination into Visualization
    The evolution and the history of cinema
    Film analysis and film appreciation
    The language and the grammar of cinema
    Who is a director?
    Techniques of screenplay writing
    Narrative Formats, Film Genres
    Staging the scene & Shooting techniques
    Handling of actors, technicians and other unit members
    Basics & advance classes in other relevant areas of filmmaking viz. Cinematography, Editing etc
    Production and marketing management of films and Television shows
    Practicals in documentary film making, ads and promos, song picturisation and a film project
  • Visual Sound effects in film
  • Sound design - including indoor recording outdoor recording
  • Composition
  • Continuity of Space Time
  • Working with famous/new Actors
  • Scouting Outdoor Location
  • Production Design

After successfully completing the course, students can start their careers as Directors, Associate Directors, Unit Directors and Assistant Directors in film, television, theater, publishing houses and advertising agencies.