Talent 1 Coaching classes !The Sign of Good Education !



If you are an entrepreneur looking for business opportunities in the Coaching and Training sector,

then a TALENT 1 franchise will be the perfect platform to achieve your business goals,

as we offer you a great business opportunity in the coaching and Training Industry.

Good quality education is always in great demand.

In today's competitive world, competitive and Entrance exams play a very important role in the life of students as well as parents.

The admission into a large number of institutes in the country that offer higher education is based on an exam in which thousands of students

compete with each other/ Students look for good training institutes through which they can prepare for various entrance/competitive exams.

Over 15 lakh students every year take IIT JEE, AIEEE and SLEET.

Total market size is over Rs. 10,000 Crores.

Many small fragmented teachers/tutors running institutes with unstructured course material and delivery standards

The changing pattern of IIT JEE /AIEEE has created the need for an upgraded coaching facility in every city & town in India.

Would you like to make the most of this opportunity?


Why Franchising

Franchising as a business model has witnessed high success rate globally.

A new franchise opens every 8 minutes of each business day.

Statistics reveal that more than 80% of new start ups close down within 5years,

whereas 80% of franchisees are still successful after 5 years.

Success stories show that franchisee start ups that adhere to the franchise system and standards rarely fail.

Franchising has been an extremely successful business model in the Coaching and Training Industry.


TALENT 1 is among the leaders in the Coaching and Training industry.

We bring to you a various cross functional teams that assures your success through the installation and deployment

of a proven business model.TALENT 1 is one of the fastest growing and highly profitable Coaching and Training Company from India.

Although a young company with 4 yrs of experience,

TALENT 1 has invaluable expertise in terms of a successful business model,

franchising support, top-notch staff training and attractive returns for those who choose to partner it.

We are actively seeking qualified unit franchisees and Master Franchisees in

select territories to join our global network of franchised training centres.

Owning a TALENT 1 franchise provides you with the advantage of working from a proven business model,

using procedures that have been perfected over time, and benefiting from the experience of ours.

business opportunity

Franchise Opportunity with TALENT 1

TALENT 1 offers you :

The bunch of courses (and not depends on one course) so that you are safe-guarded against seasonal and cyclical business UPs and DOWNs.

Complete course material with necessary modifications required from time to time (including papers on the latest pattern of various exams).

* Recognition & Goodwill of 4 Years.

* Nationally Renowned Coaching Institution

* Complete Centre Development Guidance

* Faculty Selection & Training Support.

* Well Researched study Material for Students.

* Timely Revision of Study Material to Suit Changing requirements of IIT/AIEEE/PETs/AIPMT/PMTs.

*CA CS Engineering poly,Spoken English.VIII,IX,X,XI,XII Science and commerce

* Training to Centre Staffs and Management.

* Marketing Guidance, Press and Advertisement Support..
Start with comparatively low initial establishment costs.

Franchisees play an important role in deciding the promotion of TALENT 1 centres in their area of operation.

Course fees are finalized in consultation with Business Partners, taking into account local market conditions.

Some of the key courses offered by TALENT 1

IIT JEE |AIEEE|AIPMT |ISEET|NEET |Engineering and Polytechnic|CA CS | XI XII Commerce and Science|


English Speaking and French,Spanish,German-Language Classes

Bank IBPS ,MPSC,UPSC Competitive Exams

Requirements to be a TALENT 1 Franchisee

Minimum 600 sq.ft. Area in the main commercial centre of the town/city (own or rented),

easily accessible by bus or local train.

A lot of drive and a burning desire to make it big.

Commitment towards quality of the course and interest in the future of the students.

A well furnished front office and two fully equipped classroom of 300 sq.ft.

Faculty and course counsellor, one marketing executive and one office boy .

Rs.4-6 lakhs as initial investment based on the location.

Commitment and good administrative skills.

Dedication - The franchisee must spend at least 50% of his/her time at the centre.

All necessary investments required for advertising and promotion,

Willingness to recruit the required number of personnel for running the centre.

For mor details about franchise partnership

please contact at our Mahal Branch or mo no.9423101558 or email us on talent1classes@gmail.com