Talent 1 Acting & Modeling Classes!The Sign Of Creative Education !


Talent 1 Modeling classes, The Sign of Creative Education !

Talent 1 Acting & Modeling classes Today everyone using good models for product promotion .To turn your Dreams into Reality, Talent 1 is a platform for Aspiring Models, Beauty Pageant Training and Personality Development.

Talent 1 Modeling Course

Talent 1 teaches you the intricate details of this fascinating career.

Modelling is a glamorous career but like every profession it needs determination. If you’re passionate about modelling and beauty pageants then Talent 1 will help you transform your desire into reality.

The course covers ramp modeling, hair make up, grooming, etiquettes and much more. ..

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To become a good model you need to know following steps .

Talent 1 Modeling Course Curriculum:

The training focuses on:
Model's Poise and Posture
Skin Care
Makeup Artistry sense
Personality Development
Speech and Voice Projection
Professional Photo Movement
Runway Techniques
Planning & Accessorizing Wardrobe
Public Speaking
Modeling in Groups and Pairs
Television Commercials
Nutrition and Exercise
Talk Show Workshops
Fashion Workshops
Hair Care
Formal & Informal Fashion Show Techniques
Developing Model Manners
Product Modeling

After successfully completing the course, students can move on to main stream modeling in various fields be at fashion, ramp, product etc..

Model/Event Gallery

Model/Event Gallery